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International business leaders determine work programme to combat piracy and counterfeiting.

ICC Secretary General John Danilovich presided over a meeting of the Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) Steering Committee, held at the Unilever Headquarters in London on 22-23 October 2014.

BASCAP member companies, comprising intellectual property (IP) rights holders from the food, electronics, personal care, clothing, tobacco products, movie, music and software industries outlined their work plan for 2015, during the meeting.Eu42 Us10 Vinter Komfort Støvler Uformell Rtry Kvinners 5 Uk8 Karriere Patent Høst Cn43 Kvelden Lær Nyhet 5 Våren Kle Lær Plattform Fest Bryllup Kontor qwYxRxU

The group committed to engage with national governments to elevate efforts to strengthen IP enforcement regimes though the production of country reports highlighting the value of IP, raising awareness of the economic and social risks stemming from counterfeiting and piracy and by promoting recommendations for improving IP enforcement.

BASCAP member companies also laid out a plan to convey IP enforcement best practices to regional governance bodies, including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the G20 and BRICS.

The group will continue to promote proactive IP rights enforcement measures in free trade zones and encourage national governments to adopt proceeds of crime legislation to deter counterfeiting and piracy by criminal organizations.

The steering committee agreed to ramp up its work, in 2015, with supply chain intermediaries to protect supply chains from the infiltration of counterfeiting and piracy.

Recognizing a critical need to address consumer demand for counterfeit and pirated products, the steering committee also discussed broadening the reach of the BASCAP public awareness campaign “I Buy Real, Fakes Cost More” to national governments and national anti-counterfeiting associations.

Counterfeiting and piracy have become a global epidemic, leading to a significant drain on businesses and the global economy, jeopardizing investments in creativity and innovation, undermining recognized brands and creating consumer health and safety risks. In response, ICC launched BASCAP to connect business sectors and cut across national borders in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

BASCAP addresses issues associated with IP theft and petitions for greater commitments by local, national and international officials in the enforcement and protection of IP rights. BASCAP's portfolio of projects focuses on setting standards for global performance by governments and companies; framing decisions for policymakers; urging allocation of resources at the highest levels in national governments; and improving awareness on a global scale.

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